Located in Washington State, I have been creating, updating, and maintaining websites since 2000!
I have been using the WordPress framework since 2010.

I am very selective when I take on new clients, and as the owner, I perform all work myself. I am a U.S. Army veteran.
U.S.A. DS Badge

Some of my clients have trusted their business websites to me for over a decade in some cases, which means I am focused on performing quality work and will stand by my clients for decades to come… I am not a high-volume production house.

My response times on tasks are very fast, because I limit my number of clients to a select few.

I have always served my clients remotely, and it works out perfectly for all.

1. I receive needed access to perform all tasks, including the site’s host.
2. The client simply emails me with a/the tasks, descriptions of the tasks, and access to all needed images and assets for the task(s).
3. I set to work immediately on the task(s) or sub-tasks, and simply email once done.
4. Then, on to the new/next task(s) as desired.

This saves clients time, and tasks are memorialized via emails; therefore, nothing is missed nor misunderstood during the performance of the task(s).

Just quickly visit the CONTACT page and let me know what you want done so a quick quote can be provided for your project(s).

I am grateful.
~ Jefferson Maxwell

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