ua-118x120“Jefferson, It has been my pleasure to work with some of the most talented and professional people over the course of my 35+ years in the creative services field. You and Tribal Pictures rank right up at the top of this list.

We at Motion Control, Inc. knew that when it was time to expand and redesign our New 2011 web site, Tribal Pictures was the place to go. Motion Control has been working with Tribal Pictures for more than 5 years, because they have always met and exceeded our expectations with their guidance, creativity and knowledge.

Our Newest site was developed simultaneously with a mobile version for all mobile devices and seamlessly launched right on schedule. Thanks for the excellent work.

Michael Pavlinch, Marketing Director,
Motion Control, Inc.

Utah June 2011 to Present

Some features:
* Completely separate Mobile Device site too
* In-page video, Mobile and Main sites
* Client Admin of main and mobile site Event Calendar
* Ajax driven File sharing-download section with full client Admin
* SQL database driven 500+ entry Prosthetist Directory with full client Admin
* Flash based site search
* PHP Mobile site search