Q: What do you charge?
A: For a complete Personal site design and development, the entire project’s flat fee may range from $300+, but more for a complete Business or Organization site design and development. It always depends upon specific needs. Just quickly visit our CONTACT page and let Tribal Pictures (TP) know what you want done so a quick quote can be provided for your entire project.

TP does not charge hourly. TP quotes the full flat set fee to fully design, develop, and launch your new site.

Q: What services do you provide?
A: COMPLETE DESIGN: All aspects are covered and clients have online access to the entire design and development project, 24 hours per day from beginning to end for continuous review. All design elements are created with direct input and desires of our clients.

COMPLETE DEVELOPMENT: All functions and features needed/requested are developed.
The pages, and their functions, are tested upon the separately hosted client’s server until all involved are satisfied; and we go live!

COMPLETE MAINTENANCE: Once the new site is live, TP offers complete site monthly maintenance for a very low monthly fee.

COMPLETE CURRENT SITE MAINTENANCE: If you already have a site, TP can maintain it for a low monthly fee. Just send TP your desired site updates throughout each month.

EXTENDED WORK AND RESPONSE HOURS FOR CLIENTS: Full responses, usually within the hour, from early morning until mid evenings seven days per week including holidays.

Q: How do we begin the project quickly?
A: We completely discuss the project, and if we agree to work together; we gather all resources and the first half of the full fee is promised immediate delivery to TP: and the project begins right away! The last half of the full flat fee is due to TP upon launch of the new site.
Just visit our CONTACT page to get started right away.


Q: Why the name “Tribal Pictures”?
A: Before TP began website design, redesign, development, and site maintenance services; and before TP used the name “Tribal Pictures”: we were involved as “Presenters” of an independent film from Oregon about living with, and dying from, cancer.

The man who wrote, directed, shot on 35mm, and completely produced the film; asked that we present his film, and he envisioned the name “Tribal Pictures” as in “Presented by Tribal Pictures”. He just thought it sounded like a cool name, and we agreed. He had been suffering from cancer related symptoms for years.
He worked as a cinematographer in Portland, Thailand, and Vietnam.

A few short months after the premiere of his wondrous film, our friend’s cancer took his life.
He was just 38 years old.

The ownership of our business, now called “Tribal Pictures”, adopted this name in homage to our dear friend; his life.

TP is not affiliated in any way with any tribal groups or factions. “Tribal Pictures” is just the name that was presented to us by a friend.
We are grateful . . .